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Republicans plan to use House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi against Democrats in next year's midterm elections, according to The Hill.

In last week's special election in Georgia, the GOP repeatedly tied Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff to Pelosi, with Republican Karen Handel emerging victorious.

Despite growing calls for her to step down, Pelosi insists she’s “worth the trouble” as the party’s leader in the House.

"I'm a master legislator. I am a strategic, politically astute leader," Pelosi said at a press conference last week. "My leadership is recognized by many around the country, and that is why I'm able to attract the support that I do."

On "Outnumbered" today, Kennedy said it's not a good sign for Democrats that a leader like Pelosi is so "out of touch" that people within her own party are in open revolt against her.

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"She's like a zombie vampire. She uses the House as her personal icy crypt, and says, 'You can take my scepter from my cold, undead hand,'" Kennedy said. "And that is not acceptable for a majority of voters in this country."

Bill Bennett said he can envision the future of the Democratic Party is Pelosi does stay in power: "The Walking Dead."

Meghan McCain said Democrats don't have an inspiring message or compelling platform, instead just anti-President Trump and anti-Republican rhetoric.

"This anger is not resonating into people coming out and voting. It's not resonating into real change," McCain said. "If they think that just simply saying 'Nancy Pelosi,' extreme progressives in San Francisco and New York City are going to somehow win over these rust belt voters that they've lost, they have a very, very sad next four years coming up for them."

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