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Ivanka Trump sat down with Ainsley Earhardt for an exclusive "Fox & Friends" interview. The first daughter discussed her role as a key White House adviser, what she thinks about her father's critics, and how she would grade the Trump presidency thus far.

Ivanka said her father trusts her to be candid with her opinions, so she gives him her open and honest feedback on a plethora of issues.

She said some issues that she's particularly passionate about are workforce development, helping working families, getting our veterans the care they need, and addressing the opioid epidemic.

She said on those issues and others, she speaks her mind to her father.

"Sometimes we agree. Sometimes we disagree," Ivanka said. "I think it's normal to not have a 100-percent aligned viewpoint on every issue. I think that would be a very strange scenario."

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She said it's actually a positive to bring differing viewpoints to the table.

"I think one of the things that in this country we don't have is ... substantive dialogue, where people who have different opinions can speak about them," Ivanka said.

She added that's particularly important in the White House, as her father is taking on an extremely difficult job.

"There's always naysayers. And it's much easier to criticize than it is to actually dive in and do and affect change and move the ball forward," Ivanka said.

Ainsley asked what grade she would give President Trump.

"An 'A!'" Ivanka said. "I'm slightly biased, but definitely an 'A.'"

Watch part one of the exclusive interview above, and see Ivanka open up about faith and family in part two below.

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