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Senator Bernie Sanders appeared unhappy to be questioned by a Fox News reporter about an FBI investigation into actions by the Vermonter and his wife.

Sanders' wife Jane was the president of a now-defunct college in Vermont, and is accused of distorting school donations in order to secure a bank loan, reported.

Jane and Bernie Sanders both retained attorneys to deal with a federal investigation into Mrs. Sanders actions.

Investigators are also looking into whether Sen. Sanders' office inappropriately tried to pressure the bank to approve the loan.

Fox News Senate producer Kara Rowland encountered Sanders in Washington and asked him about the FBI probe.

Sanders asked who Rowland was "with," and turned away when she answered "Fox News."

"Do you still believe it is politically motivated, sir?" Rowland asked.

"Well, I'm glad that you're interested in the fact that the Republican leadership is proposing legislation which would throw millions of people off of health insurance," Sanders responded, as he kept walking.

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