(Warning: video above contains profanity.)

A woman at a festival got into a heated exchange over the confederate flag after noticing it on a "Dukes of Hazzard" replica car.

The replica of the orange 1969 Dodge Charger was displayed at a festival near Toronto.

The woman, Ybia Anderson, who had her three-year-old son with her, did not seem to get the television reference.

Anderson and a friend of the car's owner shouted at each other until a volunteer came over and asked her not to use profanity. She agreed but yelled at him as well. 

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“This racist car with not one, but two Confederate flags on it is front and center, the first thing that people see when they walk into this festival,” Anderson said.

"People who look exactly like me and my son died, were murdered because of that flag," she said to the volunteer, adding that she will start a letter-writing campaign to the festival.

“Remove the car or there will be hell to pay."

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“I’m appalled that I’m the first person to flip out about this. It was very painful for me,” Anderson told the Scarborough Mirror.

“We regret that any person was made to feel unwelcome at our event ... Hate deserves no place anywhere in our hearts, much less in a family festival," Paul Maguire, chair of the street festival’s organizing committee said in a statement, adding that the committee was not aware of the symbol.

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