Video: Mother Flips Over Confederate Flags at Festival

Radio host David Webb said that he believes Americans are beginning to "tune-out" Democrats because the party lacks a message. 

"Anyone who looks for what the Democrats stand for can't find it," Webb said.

"The tune-out factor is coming to play," the radio personality said.

"Americans go 'what matters to me?' My economy, my kitchen table, and my security."

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Trump: We Must Continue 'Tough Fight' to Remove 'Dead Carcass of ObamaCare'

Congressional Democrats have shown zero support for the GOP health care bill currently up for a vote in the Senate. 

They have mostly left Republicans on their own to try to pass the federal budget and tax reform as well.

Webb commented that the Trump administration's agenda is less Trump's agenda and more that of the voters who chose him.

While Democrats are not obstructing everything, such as executive orders, they are "getting in the way" of many aspects of the "people's agenda," he said.

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Video: Mother Flips Over Confederate Flags at Festival

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