Hollywood Filmmaker Calls Trump and McConnell 'Terrorists'

Roy Larner is being hailed as a hero after he fought the London Bridge terrorists with his bare hands.

Larner was in a bar on the night of June 3 when the attackers crashed into the bar and starting yelling about Allah and Islam, he said.

The attackers killed 7 and injured close to 50 when they rammed a rental van into crowds on the bridge and went on a stabbing rampage through Borough Market.

The hero stopped them from raising the death toll of the horrific attack any higher, however, when he grappled with the terrorists, receiving multiple stabbing wounds all over his body.

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"They just plunged at me, one of them. But apparently, I must have done so well with the first one, that that stopped the other two going into the restaurant," Larner told "Fox & Friends."

The London dweller said he thought to himself, "We're not having it anymore," after seeing the carnage.

As he fought the attackers he yelled, "F*** you, I'm Millwall!" the name of his local soccer club. The soccer team expressed their pride in Larner in a statement afterwards.

"I don't know, I must have done some good," the "Lion of London Bridge," as he was dubbed said. "I'm a very lucky person, to have survived."

Watch the riveting interview above.

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Hollywood Filmmaker Calls Trump and McConnell 'Terrorists'

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