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Lara Trump, wife of Eric Trump and President Donald Trump's daughter-in-law, joined Sean Hannity tonight to discuss how the Trump family is dealing with the hateful attacks coming from the left.

She said these attacks are becoming "normalized," pointing to Johnny Depp's remarks about assassinating the president, Kathy Griffin's shocking mock beheading photo shoot, Madonna's threat to blow up the White House, and a Shakespeare in the Park play that portrayed a character in President Trump's likeness being stabbed to death.

"It's out of control and it's really, really sad," Lara said. "And as a family member, as an American, it's incredibly disappointing. 

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Hannity pointed out that prominent Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi have not publicly condemned the vile actions and vicious rhetoric.

Lara said that's because Democrats have no platform, no message and no leader, so they have nothing positive or uplifting to say.

"The only thing they can do is pile on the president," she said. "Unfortunately, it's to the detriment of this country. And instead of trying to be proactive and help pass legislation that might be beneficial to the people of this country, instead it's just all anti-Trump."

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