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Charles Krauthammer weighed in on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on the Democratic Party's lack of a message to appeal to voters. 

Krauthammer said the party under Nancy Pelosi's leadership has no coherent ideas, unlike Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. 

He agreed with Carlson that Sanders at least had ideas to run on last year, though they were "anti-capitalist" and not a particularly good strategy. 

"It's not a terribly good idea to run on [socialism] but at least, as you point out, it hangs together. The Pelosi Democrats have no idea that hangs together," he explained. 

He said Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others on the far left want to create "a Germany in the U.S." with higher taxes, heavy regulation, open borders and government-run health care.

Krauthammer said in the absence of an overall message, the rest of the Democrats have focused on "identity politics" and appealing to certain constituencies like minorities, the LGBT community, young people and single women. 

He said the strategy worked with a charismatic candidate like Barack Obama, but still lacks "ideological [or] intellectual coherence" and isn't a strategy for long-term survival. 

"So when you say, 'what do you stand for?' they can't give an answer. So what do they do? They invent this idea of diversity. This is a party of diversity. [But] diversity is an adjective that describes the world as it is, it's not a political aspiration," said Krauthammer.

Watch the compelling discussion above. Earlier in the show, Tucker had a fiery debate with a Democratic strategist who defended Pelosi. 

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