Watch Sean Hannity's Montage of 'Morning Joe' Meltdowns Over Trump

Calling the Senate health care bill a "disaster," Ann Coulter said GOP congressmen should be sent to Hong Kong for a reminder on how capitalism works.

"Apparently the entire Republican caucus needs to go to Hong Kong to remember this little thing capitalism, because their health care bill is a total disaster," she told host Stuart Varney.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released the Senate's attempt at the health care bill Thursday after a roundly criticized secretive drafting process. 

Four Republican senators have already said they will not vote for the bill, meaning it is dead on arrival given Republicans' slim 52 seat majority and the bill's total lack of Democratic support.

Coulter said the GOP should pass a one-sentence law proclaiming a free health insurance market, but leave ObamaCare in place.

"It would be just like stepping into Hong Kong, " she said.

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ObamaCare can stay for the "layabouts" who want it, the New York Times best-selling author said, while private insurance companies would provide competition.

She argued her proposal would get moderate Republicans' votes because it doesn't repeal ObamaCare.

Varney couldn't picture it.

"And it would never pass. You think you're going to get moderates in there? Never," Varney argued.

The current bill proposed by the Senate will "ruin Republicans," Coulter assured.

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Watch Sean Hannity's Montage of 'Morning Joe' Meltdowns Over Trump

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