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Following another special election loss for Democrats, Tucker Carlson hosted a Democrat tonight to debate if the party needs a new message and new leadership.

Jose Aristimuno, former deputy press secretary for the Democratic National Committee, argued that Republican Karen Handel's four-point victory over Democrat Jon Ossoff was much closer than it should have been, which bodes well for Democrats.

"Republicans keep losing their base. We are gaining momentum. We are going to win the House in 2018, I'm telling you," Aristimuno said.

Tucker said that Republicans would likely be happy to hear Aristimuno's remarks, since it appears he's calling for the status quo in his party to continue.

"Numbers matter. Karen Handel won a higher percentage of the vote than Donald Trump won in that same district," Tucker pointed out. "So actually, you're moving in the wrong direction. But you don't see any need for a course correction at all?"

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Aristimuno said it's not as much about pushing out established party leadership - like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi - and changing course, but recruiting "young blood" for the party.

Tucker argued that the problem is that Democrats don't have any platform to run on besides opposing President Trump.

"If you're going to have a message, a program, and say to voters, 'Here's what I'm going to bring to you if you elect me,' you have to be able to explain it," Tucker said.

Aristimuno said Democrats want to create more middle class jobs, while simultaneously expanding the immigration system, a plan Tucker took issue with.

"Have you thought this through at all?" Tucker said. "Maybe that's why you keep losing, because you say dumb things that don't make any sense."

Watch the back-and-forth above and see the post-interview discussion with Charles Krauthammer.

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