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Lawrence Jones III of The Blaze said this morning that Democrats keep losing because the American people are sick of hearing about Russia and want to hear economic solutions. 

Jones said on "Fox & Friends" that when people are struggling, they don't want to hear emotional arguments about racism, xenophobia and sexism.

He said that message has worked in the past for Democrats, but it's failing now "because the American people are broke" and are looking for solutions on the economy, education and health care.

"They think they can scare the hell out of Americans and get them to believe Donald Trump is a double agent of Russia. ... The thing is [that] it's absurd and the American people know it after [former FBI Director James] Comey said [Trump] was never under investigation," said Jones, who voted for Barack Obama in 2008. 

He argued that the "same old tricks" by Democrats under House leader Nancy Pelosi are not going to work and the party must look for new, younger leaders.

Watch his full commentary above, including on the Connecticut professor who has drawn outrage for calling white people "inhuman."

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