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Brian Kilmeade and commentator Mark Steyn agreed on "Fox & Friends" this morning that Democrat Jon Ossoff's speeches sound a lot like Barack Obama's. 

Many on social media have also noticed the strikingly similar cadence, including on Tuesday night when Ossoff conceded defeat to Republican Karen Handel in the closely-watched U.S. House race in Georgia. 

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CNN's Don Lemon pointed out the similarities when Ossoff won the first round of the Georgia special election in April.

"He stole the cadence of President Obama. It's like he was doing an imitation," Kilmeade remarked this morning. 

Steyn said it was like "dinner theater," criticizing Democrats for being "over-invested" in destroying Trump over the Russia investigation.

Kilmeade rattled off the long list of celebrities - including Samuel L. Jackson and Chelsea Handler - that backed Ossoff, who reportedly brought in 700 campaign donations from California. 

"The idea that Samuel L. Jackson should determine your politics is as stupid as putting Chuck Schumer in an action movie," said Steyn, 

Watch the discussion above.

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