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President Donald Trump joked about Democrat Jon Ossoff's loss in Georgia's sixth congressional district's special election.

Trump said Democrats' plan to oppose Republicans and their policies is failing.

"They thought they were going to win last night in Atlanta," he said.

"They spent close to 30 million on this kid - who forgot to live in the community that he was [running] in," Trump said.

Trump lauded victor Karen Handel (R) as well as Rep-Elect Ralph Norman (R-S.C.) who won the night's other contest.

He blasted what he considered biased news networks like CNN and NBC for their perceptively slanted coverage of the race.

Trump said CNN specially built a studio to celebrate what they thought would be an Ossoff victory.

"If Karen Handel had lost, they would've been there [on air] for weeks," he said. "[But] they couldn't get out of there fast enough."

Watch the clip above.

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