The Washington Post recently published a piece about how former Obama administration staffers are struggling in a "Trumpian world."

Reporter David Nakamura spoke to several Obama administration alums, including Ben Rhodes, Wendy Cutler and Brian Deese, about how the sharp shift in policy focus under President Trump has been "disorienting" and "painful."

Kristin Tate joined Ainsley Earhardt on "Fox & Friends" this morning to react.

"It's pathetic that The Washington Post would spend time and resources on a story about melting snowflakes while there are so many critical issues that are worthy of coverage," Tate said, pointing to health care reform and tax reform.

She said the piece is not surprising, however, as the Post has been flagrant in its anti-Trump bias.

"I think what this recent story really shows is how out of touch The Washington Post is with ordinary Americans," Tate said. "The vast majority of working people in this country, especially middle America, couldn't care less about how former Obama staffers are feeling."

She said that the journalists at the Post don't understand that because they are entrenched in their "D.C. bubble."

"There's a reason why only 32 percent of Americans trust the media," Tate said. "I think that number is so low because middle Americans don't see their values reflected in the media."

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