'Get on Board': Bolling Warns China in Wake of Otto Warmbier's Death

Amb. Bolton: North Korea's Treatment of Otto Warmbier Was 'Barbaric'

The death of Otto Warmbier after months in North Korean captivity brought to light old and new left-wing news headlines pointing to his "white privilege" as reasoning for his situation.

Comedian Larry Wilmore asked "what were you expecting?" when Warmbier was first captured.

"It’s just tough for me to have much sympathy for this guy and his crocodile tears," Wilmore said.

On "Tucker Carlson Tonight," North Korea expert Michael Malice called Wilmore a "cretin" and said he was thankful his Comedy Central program was cancelled in the interim.

A 2016 Huffington Post story, "North Korea Proves Your White Privilege is Not Universal," said Warmbier's predicament is a "side effect of being socialized first as a white boy... in this country."

Author La Sha said western society has "functioned with the implicit purpose of ensuring white men are the primary benefactors of privilege." 

Sha said the lack of that alleged "function" in North Korea would have been foreign to an American white male.

The story, written after Warmbier was first detained, said the young Ohioan's fears allowed him to experience what people like Sha experiences in America.

Sha said she "liv[es] in a country where white men like him are willfully oblivious to my suffering even as they are complicit in maintaining the power structures which ensure their supremacy."

Salon magazine called Warmbier the University of Virginia's "biggest idiot frat boy."

After Warmbier died in a Cincinnati hospital, millennial magazine "Affinity" posted a now-deleted tweet reading "watch whiteness work - he wasn't a kid or innocent. You can't go to another country and try to steal from them. Respect their laws."


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