Eric Bolling said China must "get on board" in sanctioning North Korea in the wake of the death of an American student held in captivity there for over a year.

Otto Warmbier of Ohio returned to the United States last week in a vegetative state, before passing away Monday.

"This bothers me so much," Bolling said.

The North Koreans claimed Warmbier contracted botulism which caused brain damage, but American doctors dismissed their claims.

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"China needs to get on board," Bolling said, pointing out that most of North Korea's food and supplies come from China.

"If you want to play with the United States this way, we're not going to defend you anymore," he said.

The Fox News Specialists discussed how American sanctions against Pyongyang are helpful, but that China must take the lead to force change on the Kim regime.

Attorney Mark Eiglarsh said Warmbier was essentially given a death sentence for stealing a propaganda poster from the Yanggakdo Hotel in Pyongyang.

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