Mike Huckabee thinks that America should say two words to President Donald Trump: "Thank you."

On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Huckabee explained that Trump has managed to accomplish a tremendous amount in his 150 days in office, despite receiving little help from Congress.

"They really have not measured up to the president's  performance," Huckabee said. "They haven't passed the budget. They haven't done the repeal and replace of ObamaCare. They promised us for seven years. And they failed to fund the border wall. They've not done anything to help this president implement the policy of getting taxes lower and reforming the tax code."

He said that Trump, on the other hand, has been a "remarkable president."

"Let me tell you what I feel like America needs to say to Donald Trump. It's very simple: 'Thank you, Mr. President,'" Huckabee said.

He explained that Trump has worked hard to keep his campaign promises, and he has done so much without Congress' help.

"Thank you for creating a new environment with our foreign friends across the world, and frankly making some new friends who before you took office, Mr. President, were our enemies," Huckabee said. "Thank you for helping to bridge a whole new world between the Chinese and the Arabs of the Gulf states. Thank you for repudiating regulations. Thank you for creating a market where the stock market is sky high."

He said that Trump is like a doctor who has a "rather gruff" bedside manner, but who gets the job done.

"I'd rather have this president, who gets things done, than one who comes in, he's nice and polite and smiles, but my family member dies in the hospital bed," Huckabee said. "America needs to say two words to Donald Trump. Thank you."

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