Greg Gutfeld said left-wing activists would be clamoring for justice if a Trump "deplorable" attempted to assassinate a congressman, as James Hodgkinson did in Virginia last week.

"If it were a deplorable who had done this, the left would go nuts," he said of the shooting that critically wounded Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.).

"They wish the shooter had been a guy in a red hat," he added, referring to President Trump's trucker hats.

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He said that the left often calls out bigotry and intolerance, and has been involved in cases of violence against peaceful conservative activists.

He pointed out how one other left-wing protester calling for "tolerance" instead was arrested in Dauphin County, Pa. for stabbing a Harrisburg Police horse in the neck.

Gutfeld criticized several left-wing media personalities like Chris Matthews, who called the shooting a "tragic confluence" of "a lot of guns" and "people with strong passions politically."

Watch the clip above.

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