In this week's "Street Justice," Judge Jeanine Pirro found mixed reactions to the "Shakespeare in the Park" play depicting President Trump's assassination.

In Central Park itself, Pirro found that most people are fine with the play's imagery.

"Doesn't matter to me. I respect [Trump]... I just want to see my play," one man said.

However, the man later admitted that he would find similar treatment of Hillary Clinton offensive.

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But, on the streets of Midtown, Pirro found that the reaction to the play was more critical.

"Of course it's not appropriate," one person said.

"Are they from another planet?" Pirro asked, regarding the theatergoers who find the effigy appropriate.

"No, they're from New York," a man joked.

Another man said "it's not a good look" to assassinate the Trump's effigy onstage.

"[That's] encouraging violence against Republicans," another person said.

Watch the full "Street Justice" above!

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