Mike Huckabee said President Trump's supporters are being subjected to "terrorism" for the simple fact they clicked the Republican lever in 2016.

"A lot of people are getting the heck beat out of them because they are wearing a Trump shirt," he said.

"Sometimes it's more subtle," he added, pointing to the case of a Monmouth County, N.J. student who had the "Trump" logo on his T-shirt photoshopped out of his yearbook picture.

"Think about what this is doing," he said. "This is bullying, it's terrorism."

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"Because, when you scare people from wearing a shirt they want to wear....when they are scared to do it because they are afraid they are going to have the daylights knocked out of them by some radical leftist, then they have succeeded in changing the behavior of people in a free society," Huckabee said.

He called the menacing and violent episodes involving Trump supporters a "threat to our way of life."

Watch the clip above.

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