Actor and game show host Chuck Woolery said that Hollywood is never held accountable for violent rhetoric directed at President Trump.

Woolery said it was ironic that people were outraged when conservative activists Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer were cited for disturbing the New York City play depicting Trump's assassination.

"One person stands up that supposed to be [a] conservative Republican and everyone's outraged," he said.

"Alec Baldwin said what Kathy Griffin did was perfectly fine," Woolery said.

"They can do things that we as conservatives cannot do," he said.

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Griffin was dropped by CNN and several playhouses after holding a mock severed head of Trump.

Woolery also pointed to Madonna threatening to blow up the White House.

He said that, while no one can picture an actor committing such an act, those same actors won't be held accountable if another citizen engages in political violence.

"They're speaking to people who are not in their right mind," he said.

Woolery also pointed to actor Mickey Rourke, who threatened to bash Trump "with a Louisville slugger," calling him a "big-mouthed b***h bully" and inviting him to meet in a hotel room alone.

Woolery's comments come days after Illinois home inspector James Hodgkinson critically wounded House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) and shot several others on a northern Virginia ballfield.

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