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What do Floridians think of President Donald Trump as he heads to Miami? 

The president is set to arrive in the city to announce stepped-up restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba after former President Obama's rollback of longstanding U.S. policies. 

Todd Piro traveled to the Cozy Corner diner in Miami Springs - a heavily Democratic area - to talk to locals this morning about the president's tenure so far. 

One very outspoken Vietnam veteran named Ben applauded Trump's policies on preventing terrorism, even offering his help. 

"If he needs old vets like me, we'll stand up, lock and load and we'll take care of business," he said.

Ben said he fully supports Trump's travel ban - which has been struck down by federal courts - and enhanced vetting for those coming into the United States.

A second Vietnam veteran said the courts are packed with "liberal judges" and the law is not being strictly interpreted.

"They need to put a lot more conservative judges in. Trump needs to step up to the plate," the man said, adding that he doesn't like Trump's continued tweets about "Crooked Hillary."

"Get off of it. You're the man now. This is not an election. If you think she's crooked, do something about it. Quit whining," Steve added.

The president sent one of those tweets yesterday, referring to the former secretary of state as "Crooked H."

Watch the segment above.

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