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Mercedes Schlapp questioned whether some of the lawyers hired by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for the Trump-Russia investigation are truly neutral. 

According to reports, three of the 13 newly-hired members of Mueller's investigative team have donated to Democrats in the past. 

Schlapp noted on "Outnumbered" that one of the attorneys, Jeannie Rhee, represented Hillary Clinton during the FBI investigation of her private email server.

"It's problematic some of the lawyers they're bringing in," she said, noting that some "maxed out" on donations to the Obama and Clinton campaigns. 

"It brings into question if there is political motivation or not. This is the problem with a lot of these special counsels. Does it become a witch hunt? They're investigating every single avenue," said Schlapp, a Fox News contributor.

In a series of tweets in recent days, the president called the investigation a "witch hunt" and today appeared to call out Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Watch the full discussion above. 

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