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Judge Jeanine Pirro called out top Democrats for continually questioning the legitimacy of President Donald Trump, worsening the political climate. 

She expressed doubts about whether the tone of unity will hold in Washington, D.C., following last night's Congressional Baseball Game, held one day after a gunman ambushed the Republican team's practice. 

Pirro said the rhetoric has gotten to a point where lawmakers refer to the president's cabinet as "scumbags" and others use the word "traitor."

"Until the leaders come out and say, 'Ya know what, what I said was wrong, what I said was not appropriate, we respect the president.' Until that happens, I don't suspect there's gonna be change," said Pirro.

She also criticized Democrats for calling for a "resistance" movement against Republicans and the president. 

"What does it mean when you resist? It means you fight. The word 'resist' conjures up an image of something rather violent," she argued.

Watch her commentary above and check out a sneak preview of Saturday night's "Justice" (9pm ET). Judge Pirro hit the streets to find out what New Yorkers think about the mock assassination of Trump at a local production of "Julius Caesar."

She asked people in Central Park, where "Shakespeare in the Park" is still running, what would have happened if the same thing was done to Hillary Clinton.

Pirro said no one could come up with an example of similar violent public portrayals from the right against President Obama.  

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