"Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace questioned why President Donald Trump continues to tweet about the Russia investigation, contrary to what most lawyers would advise.

In his latest tweets this morning, the president called the investigation a "witch hunt" and appeared to call out Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Speaking to Harris Faulkner, Wallace said Trump once again kept Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation at the top of the headlines. 

"We could be talking about Cuba. We're not and the only person responsible for that is the president with these very controversial tweets today," he said.

Earlier today, Trump spoke in Miami to announce the rollback of President Obama's relaxed trade and travel policies toward Cuba. 

Wallace said most lawyers would tell Trump to stop talking about the matter entirely following the report that Mueller is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice.

"He can do anything he wants and it's a free country, but it isn't helpful to his legal case because there's some evidence here that would seem to add to ... his liability for obstruction of justice," he noted.

Wallace said Trump previously admitted in an NBC News interview that he fired FBI Director James Comey because of the Russia investigation, not because of the recommendation of Rosenstein. 

Watch the discussion above.

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