Stuart Varney called out Democrats and the left for offering "not a word of remorse for the climate of violence they did so much to create."

"There is a link between the climate of violence and the violent attack on Republicans," Varney charged on his program today, referring to a Bernie Sanders supporter's shooting spree Wednesday that wounded five, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

"It is a link the left should acknowledge, but they will not," Varney continued.

The host cited violent demonstrations by left-wing students at UC-Berkeley, which completely broke down civil discourse.

Varney also mentioned comedian Kathy Griffin's shock photo shoot of her holding a mock severed Trump head, which earned her the disgust of all sides of the political debate.

He also noted the vulgarity popping out of the mouths of prominent Democrats since the election, including Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez.

Instead, Varney said, Democrats push impeachment, and the media has returned to "pejorative leaks" implying President Trump obstructed justice.

Most congressmen on both left and right have promoted unity in the wake of the tragedy, saying both sides must ratchet down the emotional rhetoric taking over political discourse.

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However, Illinois Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown became indignant with a reporter, accusing her of making a "false equivalency" and practicing "fake journalism" for asking whether Democrats have amped up violent rhetoric since the president's election last year.

Brown instead blamed President Trump for "name-calling" and encouraging divisiveness.

The left has broken the rules of decency, Varney said, and there is "no sign they will turn back."

"When the haters keep going like this, we all lose," Varney concluded.

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