The annual Congressional Baseball Game was a great moment of Republicans and Democrats coming together, but Sean Hannity isn't optimistic that this bipartisan unity will last.

In his opening monologue tonight, Hannity predicted that the "divisive rhetoric" and "vile hatred" of the left are only going to get worse and worse.

"Democrats, liberals, the media, they will not stop until they absolutely destroy this president's agenda," Hannity said.

He pointed out that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and several others were wounded by a gunman on Wednesday during the Republican team's practice for the annual baseball game.

The suspect was a supporter of Bernie Sanders who professed his hatred of President Trump.

Hannity said the monstrous shooting was part of a larger pattern of of behavior and rhetoric from those on the left.

"They have created this vortex aimed at the president," he said, pointing to a play that featured a character in the likeness of Trump being murdered, Kathy Griffin's infamous mock Trump beheading photo shoot, and Madonna's statement that she has "thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House."

He added there's also the "destroy-Trump media," which will go to any lengths to bring the president down.

"And Democrats? Well, they have made it a priority to attack, delegitimize, dehumanize the president pretty much on a daily basis," Hannity said.

"Democrats, the left, the 'destroy-Trump media,' you know what? They hate this president," he continued. "They will do now, say anything, to delegitimize and destroy him."

Watch the fiery monologue above.

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