Illinois Republican: Shooter Contacted Our Office 10 Times in Past Year

'It Started Popping All Around Me': Hill Staffer Shot in Leg in Scalise Attack

A freshman House lawmaker received a chilling email following the Wednesday morning attack on Republican members of Congress. 

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) received an email stating "one down, 216 to go..." after House Majority Steve Scalise (R-LA) was critically wounded.


The sender was apparently referring to the 217 House Republicans who recently voted for a bill to replace ObamaCare. 

"Did you NOT expect this?" the person wrote, accusing Republicans of taking away "ordinary people's" health care.

Tenney joined Melissa Francis this afternoon and explained that this sort of hateful email has been somewhat routine since she arrived in Washington. 

"I've been getting these types of messages and threats since I was sworn into office on January 3rd," said Tenney.  

After putting out a Memorial Day message a few weeks ago, Tenney recalled that someone wrote back that they hoped her son "comes back bagged."

Tenney's son is a Marine Corps. first lieutenant serving in the Middle East. 

Democrats have reportedly received threatening messages as well following the shooting. 

"The discourse has reached a level that violence in this situation has been normalized," she said. 

Tenney linked the threats and hateful messages to the "Resist" and "Indivisible" movements on the left, which have singled her out as one of the top Republican seats to try to flip in 2018. 

"They want to get rid of me. They want me to lose ... and they're willing to do almost anything and they're encouraging people to do this," she said. 

Watch the full interview above.

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