"Rush Limbaugh Show" guest host and commentator Mark Steyn said the political left must be willing to engage in debate, and "get a life" if their preferred candidate doesn't win.

He warned of what Tucker Carlson called "the growing acceptance of political violence on the left."

"The left wants to de-normalize and dehumanize its political opposition," Steyn said.

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"They want to prevent debate from taking place," he added. "The left needs to be willing to engage in debate with people that they disagree with."

Steyn said leftists' debate skills are "atrophying" because they will not accept opposing views.

He added that whenever an activist candidate loses, they see their ideology in an almost religious way, and often take drastic action.

Steyn suggested they take up a hobby in the interim and thoughtfully support their candidate in the next election.

"'Get a life' is good advice," he said.

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