Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup described caring for Rep. Steve Scalise's gunshot wound as like being 'back in Iraq,' only without his weapon.

The former army surgeon rushed to Scalise's side Wednesday morning after a gunman opened fire on Republicans at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia.

"I felt like I was back in Iraq but without my weapon," he told Fox19.

Police gunned down the shooter, 66-year-old James Hodgkinson, who also wounded a Hill staffer and two Capitol police officers.

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Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks described to CNN how he helped Wenstrup stop Scalise's bleeding before first responders arrived.

"I held a cloth over the wound to stop the bleeding as Brad was getting some kind of scissors device to cut through the pants to try to have better access to Steve Scalise's wound and his hip," Brooks said.

“It was great having [Wenstrup] there because he knew exactly what to do,” Brooks remembered.

"Thank God we had Secret Service protection.  It could have been a lot worse without them.  It is a sad day in America," Wenstrup said.

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