Nigel Farage, a key figure behind Brexit, joined Stuart Varney today to react to the UK general election, which he called "disastrous."

Although Prime Minister Theresa May will likely remain as in her role, her Conservative Party lost control of the UK Parliament, and the left-wing Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, gained multiple seats.

Farage said he fears this means May will guide the UK toward a "Brexit Lite," where they don't completely withdraw from the European Union.

Varney asked why the socialist-leaning Labour Party seems to be growing popularity among young people and minorities, and Farage had an interesting theory.

Farage said Marxism can be very appealing if you've never been exposed to it before, or seen its effects throughout history.

"Corbyn went round, saying to our students, 'Look, I will wipe away all your tuition fees, I will promise you a land where there will be money for this and money for that, and it will all be absolutely lovely,'" Farage said. "And young people were very attracted by it."

"And, can I say, many of them were actually so attracted by it, they actually voted twice. They voted once where they live and secondly where they're students, so that needs a bit of looking at."

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