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Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey said on "America's Newsroom" he has seen no evidence of a crime when it comes to the Russia investigation.  

"I don't see evidence of any crime having been committed by anybody in relation to this investigation," he said, adding that the only crime was committed by the Russians by hacking emails and releasing them to damage the Clinton campaign. 

Mukasey said he has also not seen evidence of obstruction of the investigation or collusion.

"Nobody's found any evidence of collusion, and if there were, it wouldn't be a crime," said Mukasey, a former federal judge.

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The nation's top law enforcement officer from 2007 to Jan. 2009 under President George W. Bush said he doesn't believe the congressional investigations are going "anywhere productive."

Watch the full interview above to hear from Mukasey on the upcoming Senate testimony by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 

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