The ranking Democrat repeatedly cut off Attorney General Jeff Sessions during the Senate hearing on Russian interference in the election. 

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) interrupted Sessions' testimony several times while the attorney general attempted to give a longer answer to the question.

Warner asked Sessions for a commitment to testify again before the committee if asked.

Sessions said he would appear "as appropriate," noting that several other government bodies are investigating the same thing as Warner's intelligence committee.

"Let me just ask about this committee," the former Virginia governor interjected.

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He then asked about Sessions' confidence in special counsel Robert Mueller, citing news reports that President Trump could fire him.

"I don't know about these reports," Sessions began. "But I'm asking you sir," Warner said.

As Sessions began an extended answer, Warner cut off Sessions again, saying he needed to get to several more questions.

Later, Warner asked if Sessions would take any "personal actions" that would have an effect on Mueller's probe.

Sessions said he could "with confidence" say he wouldn't because he recused himself, and began to explain why he wouldn't.

"I'm aware," Warner countered. 

Former DOJ Chief of Staff and conservative host Mark Levin slammed Warner's conduct, calling him a "hack" and a "lightweight."

Other commentators and legislators also reacted to the exchange.


Watch the contentious exchange above.

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