Attorney General Jeff Sessions compared the idea that he could have colluded with the Russian ambassador during campaign season to the "Alice in Wonderland" sequel. 

Sen. Tom Cotton asked Sessions if he liked spy fiction such as "Jason Bourne" "or "James Bond" movies.

The Arkansas senator went on to ask whether in any of these "fantastical situations" the plot line is "so ridiculous" that a senator and a foreign ambassador manage to collude and "pull off the greatest caper in the history of espionage."

"It's just like like 'Through the Looking Glass,'" an amused Sessions agreed. "I mean what is this?"

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Fired FBI Director James Comey testified last week and implied that there were "problematic" matters that compromised Sessions' involvement in the Russia investigation.

Sessions has denied any such matters, and said he recused himself solely because of a DOJ ethics regulation.

Sessions repeated in his testimony that he never had any discussions with Russian operatives regarding the Trump campaign.

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