Tucker Carlson said that Democrats continue the drumbeat of Russian collusion allegations against the Trump administration.

He said that those Democrats insist that people fall in line with their accusations or risk "character assassination."

Carlson said Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Democrats' latest target, is an unlikely Kremlin apparatchik.

Carlson said the former Alabama senator spent most of his 70 years living in or representing the Yellowhammer State, a far cry from Moscow.

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"How exactly did Russia hack our election?" Carlson asked rhetorically.

"They just did," he said of Democrats' response.

Carlson said that when people question that argument, they are met with harsh attacks.

"Character assassination is always easier than making a sensible argument," he said.

He noted that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) responded to his own questioning of the Russia allegations by saying Carlson is "carrying water for Putin."

Watch the clip above.

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