The seemingly fractured Democratic Party may face another setback ahead of the 2018 elections, Peter Doocy reported.

Supporters of progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said they want to start their own party.

The organizers said they want to focus on the future after their current party's last presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, seemed to focus on the past.

Sanders called for "fundamental change" during a speech in Illinois over the weekend.

Doocy said a document calling for the organization of a "People's Party" began circulating recently.

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The 15-page document laid out a late-summer goal for organizing the new party and holding a founding convention.

Policy points of the new party include single-payer health care and tuition-free college.

The party aims to get candidates on the ballot for the 2018 elections.

To date, no major candidates endorsed by Sanders have been elected to office.

But, Tom Perriello, a former Congressman from Ivy, Va., received Sanders' endorsement and is a serious contender in the state's gubernatorial primary on Wednesday.

Watch the clip above and see more from Sanders' speech HERE.

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