A few weeks after Jesse Watters "drained the swamp" with T-Roy Broussard in Texas, the "Swamp People" star came to visit the host in Manhattan.

As Watters led Broussard down the dingy stairs under Sixth Avenue to the subway, he asked whether there were "any dead people down here."

Since no swipe is necessary to operate a car or an airboat, Broussard said he hadn't heard of a MetroCard before.

As the pair boarded a Queensbound F train, Broussard said he was trying to figure out whether it was the "Trump" voter in him that made people look his way.

"You've got Trump written all over you," Watters joked.

Over lunch, Broussard said he was disappointed that the Washington establishment refuses to help President Trump.

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He told Watters that he wished he could get "in the foxhole" with Trump to fight for his agenda.

Before they parted, Watters had one last city "experience" for Broussard.

In Texas, Broussard asked Watters to pull a swamp rat out of the mud by its tail, which was not a common task for the Philadelphia native.

So Watters asked Broussard to taste a green condiment on the side of his plate that he may not have seen before either:

Watch the full clip above, and check out Watters' trip to T-Roy's neck of the woods HERE.

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