The United States' fight against terrorism has a seemingly unlikely ally, Eric Shawn reported.

Former Philadelphia mob boss Ralph Natale called terrorism the "greatest threat facing America today."

"We're pussycats on terrorism," he said.

Natale was the first American boss to flip and testify for the government, a story he tells in his book, "The Last Don Standing."

He rose to power in the late 1990s, and was given a 13-year prison sentence on racketeering and bribery charges in 2005.

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Still, Natale said he wished he could be out there helping the United States take on extremism.

"Kill them," Natale said. "As soon as they would point out a crew... give me their names, I'll take care of business."

"And then I would hang them in front of their houses and then call the newspapers," he said.

Natale said he would tell the press to come see the dead terrorists so that they could publicize the message that America will not tolerate their actions.

"I could make a nice living and I could enjoy it," he said. "It's got to be done, and it's got to be done now."

Watch Shawn's full report above.

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