In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro said that former FBI Director James Comey is engaged in a "conspiracy worthy of a Greek tragedy."

Pirro called it the "greatest political hoax since Eve convinced Adam to eat that apple."

The "hoax," she said, "being spun by Jim Comey [is] a conspiracy worthy of a Greek tragedy."

She said that Comey was so concerned with his own public persona that he willingly acted in his own self-interest rather than that of the nation.

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Pirro said it was odd that Comey catalogued most of his meetings with President Trump, but appeared to have not done so with previous presidents.

She added that it was questionable how Comey leaked memos about Trump to the New York Times through a friend and not directly himself.

"Weren't you worried some reporter might 'out' you? ...I'm having a real hard time believing this was your virgin attempt at leaking," she said.

"Could it be, Jim, that being a team player is not in our DNA? That only center stage will do for you?"

Pirro said Comey always found himself in high-profile political situations - from former Attorney General John Ashcroft's bedside during the Bush era, to a 2016 press conference following then-A.G. Loretta Lynch's meeting with Bill Clinton on a Phoenix tarmac.

She added that there are many parallels between Comey and former director J. Edgar Hoover.

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