A reporter who was looking to speak with former FBI Director James Comey's father got a surprise when someone else picked up the phone instead, according to The Hill.

A CNN reporter called J. Brien Comey Sr. at his home near Saddle River, N.J., but the elder Comey asked that he call back later because he was expecting "company."

The reporter agreed and called back a few hours later.

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However, another man picked up the phone.

"His 'company' is his son, Jim," the man said.

After identifying himself as the former FBI director, he said that his father would in fact not speak to the media.

The reporter asked Comey Jr. if had any reaction to the week's events, including his testimony before the Senate.

"You can ask, but I'm not going to talk about that," Comey Jr. said, before apparently ending the conversation by wishing the reporter luck on his story.

Previously, Comey Sr. told CNN that his son was fired because he did not give President Trump "100 percent loyalty" as demanded.

He said the former director is a "straightforward, honest guy" who was fired for "tell[ing] the truth [while] Trump runs around lying most of the day."

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