Trump Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared to post a tweet that drew comparisons to the president's "covfefe" message last week.

The Twitterverse seemed puzzled by a three-line wordless tweet that instead contained the emojis of several traffic signals, some world maps, a few 'Magic Kingdoms' and one Easter Island head.

The tweet was posted just before 9 a.m. Eastern, with no further explanation for more than an hour.

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Around 10:30, Huckabee Sanders tweeted again to say her three-year-old had gotten ahold of her phone, and was playing with it.

"#Neverleaveyourphoneunlocked," Huckabee Sanders wrote.

The tweet comes a week after a late-night typo by the president resulted in a tweet that read, "Despite the negative press covfefe."

Following that message, Trump played along with the reactions by asking people to figure out what the real "meaning" of covfefe was.

USA Today and other outlets remarked that Huckabee Sanders' tweet was also "a bunch of covfefe."

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