A lawyer and former Justice Department official weighed in on the legality of James Comey's leak of his private memos to the media. 

Comey acknowledged in the hearing that he passed the contents of private memos about his conversations with Donald Trump to the New York Times through a friend.

President Trump took to Twitter this morning to blast Comey as a "leaker."

Trump said he felt "complete vindication" from yesterday's Senate testimony despite "so many false statements and lies." His attorneys are expected to file a complaint over the Comey leak. 

On "Fox & Friends" today, J. Christian Adams said the leak of the memos by Comey was in line with "standard operating procedure" among Beltway bureaucrats.

"[They] were using the media, using confidential information to advance attacks on the President of the United States. That's what they do," said Adams, adding he saw it go on at DOJ.

Overall, Adams said the Comey hearing did not live up to the media hype.  

"Watching this was the biggest letdown since Star Wars: The Phantom Menace," he said, adding that the headlines for him were that the Russians didn't hack the election and that Trump wasn't under investigation.

Watch his full analysis above. 

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