On "The Fox News Specialists" today, Eric Bolling said it was "appalling" that former FBI Director James Comey leaked a memo detailing one of his private meetings with President Trump.

Comey, who was fired by Trump on May 9, revealed during his testimony before a Senate panel that he had a friend, later identified as Columbia University Law Professor Dan Richman, leak contents of his private memo to The New York Times.

In the memo, Comey alleged that Trump asked him for a pledge of "loyalty," a claim Trump has since denied.

Bolling pointed out that many in the mainstream media are focusing on other headlines from Comey's testimony and trying to paint it as a terrible day for Trump, while they're ignoring this bombshell.

"I find it appalling that an FBI director leaked information," Bolling said. "If he thought that the information was not classified, and if he thought it wasn't that big of a deal that he could go ahead and give it to The New York Times, why didn't he do it himself?"

Bolling said this makes him think there's a "lot more 'there' there," and he believes there's a possibility that Comey could find himself in "a lot of trouble" for this.

He added that during the hearing, Comey seemed to seize every opportunity possible to "take Trump's legs out."

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