On "The Story" tonight, Charles Krauthammer noted an unlikely but striking similarity between rivals President Donald Trump and former FBI Director James Comey.

"He showed a Trumpian side of himself," Krauthammer said of Comey's testimony before Congress on Thursday.

"If to be Trumpian is to fight back and never to take it ... this is what Comey did," he said.

He added that Comey was "very angry" about the way he was gotten rid of, and felt he had to protect himself.

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Trump was right to be frustrated that the former FBI director refused to tell the public that Trump himself was not the target of the Russia investigation, Krauthammer said. He pointed out that Comey's stubbornness on the issue was the source of the eventual FBI debacle.

Krauthammer slammed Democrats for displaying "supreme hypocrisy" since the election by praising Comey's testimony now, after in November saying he was "villain" who swung the election.

Despite his reputation as even-handed, Comey is "not the choir boy he makes himself out to be. He is not the secular saint the Democrats would make him out to be," Krauthammer said.

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