President Trump traveled to Cincinnati on Wednesday, where he spoke about the ObamaCare "disaster" and the administration's efforts to replace the law. 

Prior to his arrival, Trump tweeted that he would be talking to "victims" of the Affordable Care Act. 

In his remarks he called out Democrats for obstructing Republicans' efforts to replace ObamaCare and help Americans. 

"The Democrats are destroying health care in this country," he said.

Two of the "victims" who appeared alongside President Trump talked to "Fox & Friends" this morning. Business owners Dan and Mindy Withrow, parents of four children, said they have confidence that the president is going to accomplish his goal. 

Mr. Withrow said before ObamaCare, his business could easily absorb premium increases of 5-10 percent, but under the Affordable Care Act he saw prices skyrocket 30 to 50 percent to insure his employees. 

"In order to keep good employees, I would absorb most of those increases. It got to the point where I probably absorbed $100,000 worth of increases," he said. 

Withrow said if he passed on the costs to his employees, they would likely leave the company. He called on Congress, including Democrats, to "step up" and pass a bill to help "suffering" small businesses.

Watch the full interview above.

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