How did independent voters react to President Trump's remarks on health care and infrastructure?

Language strategist and researcher Lee Carter joined "Fox & Friends" today to take a look at the effectiveness of Trump's message, delivered Wednesday in Cincinnati. 

Carter pointed out that the response from independents turned negative when Trump declared ObamaCare to be "dead" and accused Democrats of "destroying health care in this country."

Overall, independents graded it as a "C" because they want to hear solutions from Trump and Republicans, not continued bashing of ObamaCare. 

"They want to hear what the Republicans are gonna do to make it better," said Carter.

She explained that Democrats are doing a better job with messaging, continually telling Americans that 24 million will lose coverage under the House GOP's bill. 

Carter said the GOP must explain to the American people why their plan will be an improvement, pointing out that polls have shown support for ObamaCare increasing among independents since Trump took office.

Carter also said Trump scores highest when he sticks to a positive message about bringing back jobs and improving the economy. 

Watch her full analysis in the clips above and below.