Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski thinks that the main headline to emerge from former FBI Director James Comey's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee was that President Donald Trump was never the subject of an FBI investigation.

He said that's why it's all the more shocking that Comey admitted he deliberately leaked a memo from a key meeting with Trump to a friend after he was fired, in order to prompt the appointment of a special counsel in the Trump campaign-Russia probe.

"This is all part of the deep state," Lewandowski said. "He's so concerned about leaking the information himself - because he knows it's irresponsible and inappropriate to do - that he has to give it to a liberal college professor to make sure it gets to The New York Times himself? That's egregious, and for that matter alone, he should have been fired."

Lewandowski noted that Comey apparently thought it was necessary to document his meetings and phone calls with Trump in memos, yet he never did that for his controversial meeting with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, during which she directed Comey to refer to the Hillary Clinton email probe as a "matter," not an investigation.

"He had no reason memorialize this in writing and alert somebody else, whether that was the White House counsel or somebody else?" Lewandowski said. "He had no obligation, no duty, no sense of honor that the attorney general's asked him to change the way he talks about something?"

"That's where the real problem is."

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