Legal expert Alan Dershowitz reminded viewers that President Trump could have just pardoned former national security advisor Michael Flynn and stopped the FBI's investigation into Flynn's conversations with the Russian ambassador.

"The president has the authority to direct the head of the FBI to stop investigating anyone," Dershowitz stated on "Your World." "I've been saying this for months."

"I think this puts an end to any claim that President Trump obstructed justice. You can't obstruct justice by simply exercising your power under the Constitution," he added.

President Trump could have used his executive privilege to prevent Comey from testifying as well as pardon Flynn, but he opted to allow him to testify.

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"He could have gone much further," Dershowitz commented.

In an op-ed Thursday Dershowitz wrote,

Throughout United States history — from Presidents Adams to Jefferson to Lincoln to Roosevelt to Kennedy to Obama — presidents have directed (not merely requested) the Justice Department to investigate, prosecute (or not prosecute) specific individuals or categories of individuals.

Dershowitz also blasted Comey for leaking his memo of a meeting with the president to the press through a friend.

"I was worried the media was camping at the end of my driveway at that point ... and I worried it would be like feeding seagulls at the beach," Comey said when asked why he did not simply release the information himself.

"I thought it showed a lot of cowardice," Dershowitz remarked.

The FBI director is supposed to be a "strong and powerful guy, and he's afraid of a couple of seagulls," he said.

Watch the full interview above.

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