Tucker Carlson debated Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) on the legitimacy of claims President Trump was colluding with Russia.

Swalwell asked why Trump would demand loyalty from ex-FBI Director James Comey.

Carlson said he couldn't determine Trump's motive either but asked Swalwell why some Democrats continue to suggest he committed treason.

"Maybe that bothers him," Carlson said, explaining why Trump would want constant accusations to be tamped down.

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Later, Carlson asked why Democrats and mainstream media personalities like veteran reporter Carl Bernstein continue to make references to President Richard Nixon.

"If this is Watergate, where's the crime?" Carlson asked. "Your colleagues are calling [it] Watergate."

Swalwell said the Russians tried to hack American systems, but stopped short of saying a crime was committed on the behalf of Trump.

He said he simply wanted the truth to the extent the Russians were involved in nefarious activity during the election and how much of it Trump was aware of.

Watch the clip above.

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