Shortly after arriving at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati on Wednesday, President Donald Trump delivered some remarks about health care, accompanied by two Ohio families whose lives were "completely upended" by ObamaCare.

"Health care is about so much more than dollars and cents," Trump said. "It's about real people."

He said that premiums are skyrocketing across the country, and the American people are paying much more for "horrendous" coverage.

"ObamaCare is dead," Trump declared, placing the blame for America's health care "nightmare" on congressional Democrats.

He noted that an ObamaCare repeal and replacement plan is currently being worked on by Senate Republicans, but they're getting no help from their Democratic colleagues.

"It's only obstruction from the Democrats," Trump said. "The Democrats are destroying health care in this country."

He said that even if they presented Democrats with the "greatest plan in the history of the world," they still would not get a single vote from them.

"It's all going to be Republicans or bust," Trump said. "And the Republicans are working very, very hard on getting a great health care plan."

Watch Trump's remarks above.

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